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Last updated 18 October, 2007
Banners for Twinwoods
Banners at Twinwoods
Banners at Twinwoods
Banner at Twinwoods
Lion Gonfalon

I was commissioned to make some replica banners for the Medieval Siege Society re-enactment at the Bedfordshire Medieval Fayre at Twinwoods.

The one with the dog belongs to Sir John Talbot 2nd Earl of Shrewsbury, one of the major families in the War of the Roses.
The biggest is about 10 feet long and looked amazing flying above the battlefield.
The one with the Wyvern was flown by Sir Edmund Grey of Ruthin.
For details on the design of flags, banners, gonfalons and pennants, click here.
All battlefield photos at twinwoods courtesy Ricky Cahill. www.rcphotographic.co.uk