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Last updated 20 January, 2007

All work is unique and done for the individual, prices can vary widely depending on the amount of research needed, the complexity of the design, number of pigments / coats of paint needed and the quality of finish required, so contact Shieldmaiden with a description of your requirement for an accurate estimate.

As a guide, a Full weight fighting shield unpainted costs from £40 to £80 to source (that ranges from small round shields through heater shields to large tear-drop, Norse or Celtic shields).

On top of that, at one end of the scale, simple design shields, where I am given good quality reference material, painted for battlefield use [bold painting and two layers of varnish, including the back of the shield] will cost from £72 to paint up.

At the other end, a full show piece in fine brush work, with complex
charges, especially those rendered 'proper' or having multiple Celtic knot work animals on it, which I have had to research or design from scratch, will cost upwards of £160 to paint.

Wall plaques [round, square / lozenge or shield etc. shaped] would cost from £25 for three colours, and one coats varnish. More complex shapes, designs, research etc. would put the price up accordingly.

Use of real gold or silver leaf will instantly add a minimum of £20 (just to cover costs of material) rising with size or complexity of object to be leafed. Use of faux gold adds a minimum of £10.

Hobby horses cost from £100 made from card / £50 for wood. Specific appearance and additions like bridle bells etc will add to the prices.

Gonfalons (single sided) cost from £70. Banners, flags and ships pennants (two sided) will cost from £140. Small pennants (double sided) cost from £70.

Be aware that some of these items are large and heavy and postage and packing costsmay be high. I will include postage and packaging as a separate item in any estimate. Collection from MSS meets or fairs is a possibility.